Choosing The Right Ride

Why You'll Appreciate A Side By Side With A Roof

Your local side-by-side dealership carries a wide selection of off-road vehicles with different designs. When you visit and browse your options, you'll see several side by sides that have an open roll cage overhead, while others have a roof over the cockpit. A lot of people favor the former style, as it feels more open and they can enjoy the feeling of the sun on them while they ride. It's worthwhile, however, to consider the merits of having a roof on your side by side. Here are some reasons that you'll likely appreciate this feature.

Shelter From The Elements

A big reason that you'll enjoy a roof overhead is that it will provide shelter from the elements. While feeling the sun on your body might be appealing in some scenarios, it can also make you feel too hot and even put you at risk of sunburn during long rides on sunny days. The roof will provide a source of shade that prevents you from getting too much sun. On days that it's raining or snowing, you'll appreciate how the roof will help to keep much of this precipitation off your body and from accumulating on the seats and floor of your vehicle.

Less Glare

While most of your focus when you ride will be on the terrain in front of your side by side, you'll want to frequently check your instruments panel in the dashboard. Without a roof, you could find that the sun causes a glare on this panel that makes it difficult to see. This means that you might not be aware of an important message on the instrument's panel when you're riding. Having a roof above you puts the cockpit side by side is enough shade that the instruments panel is easy to read at a glance.

Storage Space

Don't overlook the value of having a roof when it comes to adding storage space to your side by side. Many riders add roof storage bins, roof racks, and other similar storage solutions to their roofs — an option that isn't necessarily possible when you only have a roll cage overhead. Whether you're hunting, trail riding, or taking part in another outdoor activity, it's often favorable to have as much storage space as you can. A storage bin mounted to your roof will dramatically increase the volume of things that you can carry with you. To learn more information, reach out to a company such as Fun Bike Center