Choosing The Right Ride

Used Pontoons: What You're Looking For

Buying used pontoons allows you to potentially save money on watercraft machines while still having something of quality. The same can be said for other pre-owned boats. Keep in mind, however, that there is more to a transaction when buying used pontoons than a price tag. As such, you also need to pay attention to the quality of the unit being sold and pay attention to other things as well.

You should always take a boat expert or boat mechanic with you to look at any pre-owned boats for sale. This way, you can make the best-informed decision when you make your purchase.

Useful life left

When buying used pontoon boats, you need to pay more attention to how much useful life is left in a unit and less on the pontoon's current age. For example, a pontoon that is newer but is showing ample wear might not have as much useful life left in it compared to a restored pontoon boat that is older but has healthy working parts.

Boats can be tricky purchases because they aren't driven or used a lot and don't often show wear in the form of miles like vehicles do. Instead, you have to explore the overall condition of used pontoons and base your decision on what repairs you'd have to put into the unit versus how well it operates now. What you'll get out of a pontoon boat once you purchase it is largely based on care.

Appropriate pricing

Used pontoons can be hard to price because there may not be a lot of them on the market to compare. The best way to know if you're getting a fair price on used pontoons is to take a pontoon expert with you when you shop. Price is based on the overall demand for pontoons in your area — if you live near water pontoons are likely to be pricier than if you don't — along with the brand, make, and overall condition of the pontoon in question.

Before putting an offer on any used pontoons in your area, look up how much these watercraft units would cost new and look up used pontoons in neighboring locations to see what they are priced at. This way, you can know if any pontoon you're thinking about is actually priced fairly. You can buy used pontoons from private sellers, but buying from a dealership might be best. Contact a supplier for more information about used pontoons.