Choosing The Right Ride

Why You Should Consider An Aluminum Boat Over Fiberglass

When you make the decision to invest in a boat for your own enjoyment, you need to be sure that you're getting a good investment. You don't want to put money down on something only to find out that it's not water-worthy, or that it's going to require excessive money to actually get it running and make it reliable. Here's what you should know about choosing aluminum boats over a fiberglass model.

Body Damage Is More Visible

Investing in a fiberglass boat means getting a lightweight, smooth finish, but it doesn't always mean that you're getting a structurally sound unit. The thickness of fiberglass, and the structure of it, can make it far more difficult for you to see certain types of physical damage. There can be cracks, weaknesses, and other vulnerabilities inside the fiberglass panels that you're not able to see until they become serious structural threats.

Aluminum boats don't have that same risk. You can see any potential damage, whether it is a dent, hole, or rust development, at a glance. That means that you won't have any surprises of damage that you don't see until well after you invest in the boat itself.

Body Damage Is Easier To Repair

Repairing damage to fiberglass boats means mixing fiberglass material and filler, then applying it, sanding it, and finishing it. This requires some level of expertise working with fiberglass filler, or it may mean having to work with a marine bodywork specialist.

An aluminum boat doesn't require the same amount of work nor level of expertise for repairing body damage. If the boat is rusted, you can sand the rust off the surface and then treat all of the aluminum surfaces with either a sealant or a rust inhibitor.

Dents in an aluminum boat panel can usually be either pulled or pounded out with little lasting effect. Finally, if there are any holes in the aluminum boat panels, you can easily repair those holes by having fresh pieces of metal welded in place.

When you want a boat you can rely on that's going to be easy to maintain, you should consider the possibility of a metal boat over a fiberglass model. Not only is it far easier to assess the condition of the boat before you buy, but it's also easier to address any body damage or structural issues with the boat. Talk with a marine equipment and boat retailer near you today for more information.