Choosing The Right Ride

5 Critical Check Points When Buying A Pre-Owned Motorcycle

Motorcycles are all about personal preference. You might be a cruiser or a racer, someone more traditional or flashier; the list goes on and on. While the ultimate decision on the motorcycle you choose to purchase should be based on this personal preference, there are certain key criteria that you should also not overlook. Learn what is mission critical when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned motorcycle.

1. Body

You don't just want a motorcycle that runs well, you also want one that looks good. So, don't hesitate to give the body of the motorcycle a detailed inspection. While a small scratch here and there should be expected as regular wear, deep scratches and small dents are red flags. These imperfections raise the possibility that the motorcycle was involved in a crash, even if the owner has not said so. 

2. Engine

If you don't know a lot about engines, don't worry. There are some warning signs that even a novice can spot. For example, if the motorcycle has a two-stroke engine, you should expect the engine to smoke when the motorcycle is powered on. However, if it's a four-stroke engine, there should be no smoke. Anything the opposite of these factors is a warning sign.

3. Bearings

Quality bearings help keep you safe while riding, so ensure you don't overlook this feature. The main thing to investigate is their flexibility. You want to choose an option with which the bearings have little flexibility. If the bearings remain in place when you try to move them, they are in good condition. If the bearings are easily flexible, this means that they are worn and in need of replacement. 

4. Wiring

Look over the motorcycle to ensure that all its wiring is in good condition. Wiring in poor condition typically means one of two things; either the wiring is old and soon to fail or there is an underlying problem that is damaging the wiring, such as overheating. Regardless of the scenario, repairs could be frequent and costly. 

5. Drivetrain

A quick glance at the level of wear on the motorcycle's sprockets and chain will give you a good idea just how much wear the vehicle has undergone. The more aged these features look the more wear. If these components are in poor shape, a replacement may be necessary very soon. You should look for a motorcycle that still has a good amount of life left in its drivetrain system. 

Don't overlook either of these areas if you want to be confident in your purchase and have a motorcycle that will last you for some time.