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Three Things To Know About Stationary Kart Storage Stands

If you run a business that uses motorized karts, it can be difficult to efficiently and effectively store these karts. This is particularly true if you have extremely limited space for storing these large devices. Luckily, stationary kart stands can be an effective way of helping you to meet this need of your business. 

Appreciate The Benefits Of Investing In Kart Stands

One of the key benefits of these kart stands is that they will allow you to greatly increase the number of karts that you can safely store in your business. This is due to these storage racks being able to accommodate multiple karts. When it comes time to move one of the karts that are being stored on these racks, you can simply use a ramp to move the karts on and off of the rack. During this task, it is important to be as careful as possible as it can be easy to damage the stand if the karts are allowed to bang into the rack as they are being loaded and unloaded.

Verify The Weight Limits For The Kart Stands

While kart stands can be extremely useful for storing karts, it is important to appreciate that there are strict weight limits with these stands that must be observed. If you exceed the designated weight limit for the stand, you may find that it is much more likely to experience a failure or to suffer serious damage to it. If you have several different types of these racks, you should write the weight limit on the rack and explain to your workers the number of karts that will exceed this limit. By taking this simple step, you may be able to greatly reduce the risk of the kart rack experiencing a major failure or suffering serious damages.

Follow Maintenance Guidelines For The Stands

It may seem as though these storage stands will be completely maintenance free once they have been installed. However, these stands can experience significant wear and tear, which will require them to be serviced and inspected. These steps are important so that warped or otherwise damaged sections of the stand can be replaced as this problem can greatly reduce the weight limit that the stand can support. Additionally, these inspections will allow corrosion to be identified and repaired. While corrosion is not typically an urgent problem, it can gradually weaken the stand over many years, and it can contribute to karts becoming discolored. Maintenance of these stands should be done at least once a year, but this work may need to be more frequent if they experience particularly heavy use.