Choosing The Right Ride

How To Properly Dress For Your First Motorcycle Ride

Whether you are driving a motorcycle for the first time or simply riding on the back, it is important that you dress correctly for the event. Since motorcycles place your body at a higher risk for injury, dressing properly while riding helps to ensure you stay safer in the event of an accident.

Since you have never ridden before, you are likely confused about what clothing and other accessories are necessary for a safe ride. To this end, here are some guidelines to help you out:

Wear a Leather Jacket and Leather Pants

Since denim and other fabrics are no match for asphalt or concrete, it is very important you wear leather pants and a leather jacket while riding a motorcycle. The leather will help to protect your skin and prevent road rash if you go down. If you do not yet own any leather clothing, then you absolutely must purchase some or borrow some from another rider.

Wear Leather Gloves 

To protect your hands from road rash in an accident and to shield them from rocks and other objects flying around as you ride, you must wear leather gloves. Rather than wearing shorter gloves like you would wear for gardening, choose longer gloves that will help protect your wrists and lower arms.

Wear Tall Leather Boots

While you may see other riders on the road wearing their tennis shoes, this is never advisable. When you are on a motorcycle you must wear tall leather boots to protect your feet, ankles, and shins in case you are dumped off of the bike or involved in an accident. If you wear tennis shoes, then you do not have any real protection from the road surface and can easily end up with a painful road rash on your feet or break your ankle.

Wear a Helmet with a Face Shield

Finally, in order to comply with driving laws and to keep your head safer in the case of an accident, you absolutely must wear a helmet when you are driving or riding a motorcycle. If you do not wear a helmet, then even an accident at a very slow speed can quite literally kill you or cause a serious brain injury. Additionally, you should always wear a face shield while the motorcycle is in motion. A face shield will protect your skin and eyes from the danger of rocks flying up from the roadway and from bugs flying around.