Choosing The Right Ride

Advantages Of The RV Life

If you lust for freedom and a non-traditional existence, living in an RV may be for you. Even people with a regular nine-to-five job can take advantage of this lifestyle, often saving money in the meantime. If you want to simplify your life and free yourself to travel the country, consider embracing the RV lifestyle full time.

Eliminate Debt

If you live in an RV, you can eliminate your house or rent payments and reduce other expenses as well. Of course, the cost of your lifestyle depends on numerous factors. If you buy a new class B vehicle, you may pay $40,000 to $80,000. A used vehicle can cost your far less. If you want more room and luxury, you can buy a class A model, which will cost you more. You will still be paying campsite fees, which can range from $10 - $40 nightly. However, your living space will be small, so you will be spending far less on "stuff."  This stripped-down approach frees you from many financial obligations, including property taxes and utility bills. 

Outdoor Life

Living in an RV allows you to enjoy the outdoors more. You can experience the best scenery that the country has to offer. Your small inside space will encourage you to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and marvelous views. You will spend less time watching TV and surfing the net and more time enjoying the starry sky and other natural beauty. Fortunately, you get to enjoy nature while being freed of lawn care. You can sell your lawn mower and hedge trimmers, leaving the outdoor upkeep to the campsite owners. 


If you want to "live off the grid" as much as possible, RV life is for you. You will not be on property tax rolls or have accounts with utility companies. You will have to tell your RV dealer not to sell your information to businesses, but if you are vigilant, you can establish a life that is largely free of interference from the "outside world."

Living full time in an RV is not for everyone, but it is a practical alternative to those who want to downsize and adopt a lifestyle that emphasizes freedom. You will need to get rid of unnecessary possessions and accept less room, but you will free yourself from many financial burdens. You will also enjoy nature more and develop a more private life. RV living can be the best choice you will ever make. If this seems like the ideas lifestyle for you, contact local dealers, such as Camping World of Orlando.